How Many Dolls did you say you have?

Well actually I didn’t, that of course is a highly kept secret as we wouldn’t want the menfolk of the household to know that now would we?  Anyway welcome to my new blog.

My interests in dolls are varied.  I enjoy sewing and knitting for them and creating scenes and telling stories.  I have various doll ‘collections’ some of which will be sold on, others which I will be keeping.  My current interests are Sasha, American Girl, Gotz, Kidz n Cats and some smaller dolls such as Les Cheries and Paola Reina.  In the past I have also collected grow hair dolls such as Tressy, Crissy and family, as well as other vintage teenage fashion dolls.

I hope to record on this blog my knitting, sewing and other handiwork for the dolls and of course a little about the dolls and what they get up to.

I thought I’d start off with the latest addition to the family, found in a local charity shop for £1.  I could hardly leave her behind now could I, with her looking at me so plaintively from the shop window as I started to walk past?  She called out to me to take her home, so how could I refuse and home she came.  Meet Charity, she has spent her life on the road performing and is now ready for a well earned rest, although has said she would like to do the odd performance for family and friends.  However, a new dress will be required before she would attempt any more performances, especially as it is worn and tired looking.  In the meantime she hopes to spend some time watching the birds and admiring the flowers, and hopefully sitting watching the world go by.  She has had enough of being observed and wants to become the observer instead.

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