Hey there Baby Face

Introducing another of my dolls today, this time a Galoob Baby Face Number 2 from the first issue ‘So Surprised Suzie’.  A little while ago I read about some very cute faced baby dolls on Bama’s blog Dolls of an Era and thought how cute they were.  Well I didn’t actively go looking for one, but while browsing Ebay one day (like you do) looking for something else, I came across ‘So Surprised Suzie’ and well the rest is history.    I don’t think her dress is original, but apart from that she is in good condition and her joints all work well…she bends at the knees and elbows and can stand.  She needs a bath but is currently enjoying herself playing and rolling about on the grass.  I will have to keep an eye out for her original dress and shoes and find a couple of red ribbons for her crimped hair pony tails.  More can be read about the history of these dolls here.





Isn’t she a cutie?

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One thought on “Hey there Baby Face

  1. Congrats! She is darling! It shouldn’t be too hard to find her original outfit. I am not a fan of their original clothes and love to re-dress them. I have a third on the way and expect her anytime. She will probably be my last as I am so short on space. We’ll see! LOL!
    Baby Face Dolls can wear American Girl & Bitty Baby sized shoes & socks. And there are patterns out there just for them. I am trying to find one myself.
    By the way, I didn’t know this blog existed! Now I have it on my list. Thanks for messaging me about this. :o)

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