Jacob arrives

 Last week I noticed that Jacob was looking for a new home, wanting to travel further afield, well I had always admired him and his sister, so who was I to refuse his request?

Well he arrived today, oh the excitement!  Although I think he was slightly overwhelmed at first from all his travels and indignities of arriving unclothed, although safe and sound with his clothes packed safely beside him along with his teddy and frog.  I have to say though that he better be careful Rory doesn’t notice the frog, as we all know he is rather a fan of frogs!


Jacob sits quietly while adjusting to daylight after being in a dark travelling box for a week.


He spends some time reassuring his teddy and frog that everything will be okay.

It doesn’t take long and Jacob is out exploring the garden.





Even climbing trees!  Oh please do be careful up there Jacob!


Hello Mr & Mrs Mouse, how are you today?  Jacob asks the resident mouse family.

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2 thoughts on “Jacob arrives

  1. YAY! I’m so happy for you! Jacob is such a little sweetheart. I’m sure he will love his new home and all the new friends there.


  2. Yay, I’m so glad that he’s found such a wonderful new home. He looks very happy! xoxo

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