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Charity, Edwin and Mabel were out sitting on the bench seat, having a little discussion about ‘the old days’.   Some reminiscing was going on, Charity telling them about her days on the stage, whilst Edwin was remembering going to the circus with his parents in the days when they used to have animals doing all sorts of tricks.  Mabel recalls thinking that it was rather cruel having the animals and is glad that sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore.

Just as Mabel is about to tell the other two about her trips to the seaside, she sees someone approaching.

‘Oh dear, who is coming along now’ Charity thinks to herself with a slightly bored and fed up look on her face… ‘I’d been hoping so much I’d have a little peace and quiet today’ she sighs.

Striding purposefully along is Percival, looking like he is on a mission, completely oblivious to the three companions enjoying the afternoon sun.

“Ah hem…”

What was that?  Percival is suddenly aware that there are others around…

Oh hello, what are you all doing sitting there?  Shouldn’t you be busy doing something?

“Are you busy?”  Charity asks him.  “Looks like you were in a dream to me”

“A dream?  Me?  Oh no, I was busy thinking!  Very important you know thinking.   If more people thought, there would be a lot of thinking going on you know”.  Percival replies

“Oh quite!”  replies Mabel, with a twinkle in her eye.  “So tell me what YOU were thinking about Percy”

“Well…” begins Percival.  “Erm…wait a minute did you just call me Percy?  Please, none of this shortening of names, it is quite uncouth.  My name is Percival von Stardust…or you can call me Professor, but certainly not Percy!”

Mabel, Charity and Edwin just look at Percival as he gets all flustered waving his arms around in protest.

“Now where was I?  Ah, thinking that is what I was doing…” and Percival starts to sit down.

Edwin looks at Charity who in turn is watching Percival, who suddenly seems to have quite a glazed look on his face.  Charity is rather puzzled by such a character and wonders how she ended up mixing with such an unusual group of friends.

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Charity finds a young boy in the garden

The weather was superb yesterday, oh what a change and an absolute delight to see blue skies.  Charity certainly enjoyed lapping up the sunshine and went for an early evening walk in the garden.  She was ever so surprised to see what looked like a little boy riding the tortoise in the rose garden.


She went closer as at first she really couldn’t believe her eyes.  Yes it was definitely a little boy!


Hello little boy, what is your name and what are you doing here?

The little boy turns to have a look at who had spoken to him.  He was quite unaware that he had been observed and was rather startled to see Charity standing before him.

Shyly the little boy tells Charity his name is Edwin and that he is lost and doesn’t know where he is.  The last thing he remembers was being shut up in a  glass cabinet amongst other dolls and treasures of all kinds of shapes and sizes.


Charity puts her arm round Edwin.  There there now young Edwin, never you mind, come with me, Lets take you in and give you something nice to eat and perhaps see about cleaning you up a little bit and see if you can stay with us.


Edwin hops down from the tortoise and follows Charity inside, wondering what it will be like living here with the happy looking lady with the rosy cheeks and flowers in her hair.

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