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Hitty has her own blog and a new dress!


Hitty has a new dress to protect her modesty.  I have set up a new blog  just for her over here.  I have returned to  blogspot  for this new blog as I am struggling quite a bit with the layout of wordpress and uploading photos etc… While in some ways it seems simple, in other ways I find it more difficult getting the photos in the right order and just getting used to all the differences.  I guess it is simply a case of not liking change too much.  Anyway Hitty has made her first blog post, so if you’d like to read it pop on over and say hi!

I will keep using this one for the rest of my doll companions, and continue to keep Sasha/Gregor and Hitty to their own separate blogs.

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My first Hitty!

My first Hitty arrived today.  She travelled all the way from Argentina in a lovely box.  Oh dear though, she needs finishing!  I’m not renowned for being very good with a paintbrush so this could be interesting.  Not that I know where to start, what to do or even what to use!  Watch this space…  In the meantime I need to think of a name for her.





Of course her name might come once she starts to evolve and develop…who knows?!

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