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Jacob meets Percival

Percival heard that we had a new arrival yesterday and couldn’t wait to meet him today.



Hi there Jacob, I see you are dressed for summer!  Percival greets Jacob

Yes, I got these shorts given to me today, I think they just got made.  Jacob replies.




So what was it like where you came from?  Percival asks Jacob.  They sit together on the floor and Jacob shyly starts to tell Percival all about his old home.  

…and these American Girls arrived and I had to find somewhere else to live.  Jacob says sadly.

We’ve got a small group of American Girls living here.  Percival tells Jacob

Jacob starts to look a little worried.  Oh I hope I don’t have to move again.  

Oh don’t worry, Percival reassures Jacob.  They tend to keep themselves to themselves and tend to do a fair bit of modelling for knitwear.  Boys are pretty popular in this house, I shouldn’t think you’ll be going anywhere.





Jacob is still looking a little worried.

Percival starts thinking about what he can do to make Jacob feel more secure.





He starts to tell Jacob about all the adventures he has heard Henry has been on, and explains, that they will no doubt be taken on adventures as well.


They continue to explore the garden.



This is such a fun garden to play in.  Jacob says to Percival


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A Rocking Chair for Percival

While perusing the charity shops the other day I saw a rocking chair made out of clothes pegs.  I didn’t buy it but thought I would have a go at making one myself.  Quite a bit of fun indeed.


I initially thought it would be Hitty sized, but actually it is a bit big for Hitty, however Percival thought it would be ideal for him to sit and ponder in.



Oh yes a great thinking and pondering position indeed!


Can I keep it?

Of course you can Percival.

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