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Sun, Songs and Smiles from Charity

Charity couldn’t wait to get outside today to have a look at the flowers in the garden.  She had been promised that if she consented to hand surgery…her hands being unfortunately attached to the wrong sides of her body…then afterwards as a treat she could spend some time smelling the flowers.  Well she was tired of trying to do things with her hands the wrong way round, so of course was happy to go through some slight discomfort.  She was well rewarded and was amazed at what  a difference it made with her thumbs the right way up.  What joy she would have now handling things.

Gosh this flower matches my dress so beautifully.  What a pretty lily it is.

I think I will spend some time taking in its scent. Oh it doesn’t smell at all, what a shame.

I really do want to try and find something that smells nice.  That shop was so musty and smelly and I still feel I have the remnants of that smell wafting around me.

Oh this flower is pretty…it is a beautiful rose.  Hmmm….doesn’t really go with my skirt, but MY does it smell divine.

Just look at this Super Trouper – isn’t it beautiful.  Now that name rings a bell or two for me….

Super Trouper, lights are gonna find me

Shining like the sun….

Oh yes NOW I remember, certainly brings back some fond memories….

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